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5:20 pm | 30 September 2003 | headwounds; photoshopaholics

I don't know what has happened to my fashion lately. I was always a "trailblazer," you might say--sort of striking out on my own with weird yet awesome (IMO) looks that really didn't fit any mold, per se, but which were sufficiently radical to establish me as "totally sweet" at first glance. Now? Now "refugee chic" seems to be my look. Today's dirty-hair headscarf is looking less Erykah-Badu-by-way-of-Brigitte-Bardot and more Death of Marat. Whatev.

I bet you wonder what i do when i am not boozing it up or writing inane entries. Well, here is something i did today--something that Koo and i did together-yet-remotely. Can you spot all the guest stars?:

> Lia's cousin
>Percy Hedgehog
>the Captain
Graphic design dorks can hold their own by ANY standard of geekitude, i say. I am, i said. Goodnight. clm.

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