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11:52 am | 01 October 2003 | radder, radder than you

Gor blimey. Danger! Sappy crap ahead!:

Poet friends read this part: if you guys love the work of Derrick Brown, then you should check out his sweet-assed band, The John Wilkes Kissing Booth. They leave on their I Can't Believe It's Not Better Than Ezra tour today, and they will probably be near you at some point, if they're not already lurking there RIGHT NOW. Itinerary below!

Other/real-life/favourite internet friends read this part: If you guys love me and trust my taste (this is dubious, I realize), then go check out The John Wilkes Kissing Booth (cough my boo's band cough), who, yes, are on tour. They're kinda Afghan-Whigs-by-way-of-The-Smiths-via-Jon-Spencer-ish. Only more dangeresque! Go support some indie rock that cares. Look, ma, no jaded.


1st - phoenix, az @ the old brick house (1 east jackson st.)
w/ there & slow coming day
3rd - albuquerque, nm @ the golden west saloon
4th - amarillo, tx @ the refuge (4400 s. washington)
5th - amarillo, tx @ the yellow rose/ + oneleaf green 8pm
6th - lubbock, tx @ tba
7th - abilene, tx @ rackdaddy's (3351 turner drive)
8th - abilene, tx @ tba
9th - dallas, tx @ curtain club
10th - dallas, tx @ the door
11th - wichita, ks @ the cedar (3906 E. 13th St.)/ + hellvis
12th - lawrence, ks @ tba
14th - desmoines, ia @ vaudeville mews/ + envy corps, senator kelly & organ donor
15th - iowa city, ia @ gabe's oasis
16th - aimes, ia @ tba
17th - eau claire, wi @ stone's throw
18th - north manchester, in @ the firehouse
19th - chicago, @ the note (1565 n milwaukee ave)
22nd - pittsburgh, pa @ the crowbar, penn state
23nd - nyc, ny @ the bowery poetry club (across from CBGBs)
27th - hanover, nh @ dartmouth college
28th - washington d.c. @ the velvet lounge
29th - lynchburg, va @ the knights of columbus (200 sweeney circle)/ + the nein (ex-white octave) & a new dawn fades + WHITE TRASH PARTY!
30th - richmond, va @ tba
31st - ashburn, va @ purcellville roller rink


1st - greensboro, nc @ ace's basement
2nd - charlotte, nc @ the evening muse/ + killer deal
*meet up with claude at this show 5th - bloomington, il @ the lizards lounge (612 n. main st)
6th - ballwin (near st. louis), mo @ the enigma lounge
7th - ft smith, ar @ the gate/ + the tendrils
9th - norman, ok @ guestroom records (119 n. crawford)/ + cheyenne
10th - amarillo, tx @ the refuge
11th - albuquerque, nm @ burt's tiki lounge
12th - flagstaff, az @ the soul kitchen free show 14th - fullerton, ca @ the hub *NOVEMBERFEST
20th - los angeles, ca @ fais do do
29th -lake forest, ca @ the gypsy lounge

You like how i use myself, and my own totally egotistic lame non-fame, as a lure? "Go to this show, 'cause you MIGHT be able to meet me! Or touch the hem of my robe! BRING OUT YOUR LEPROUS CHILDREN!" Sometimes I spend the whole day figuring out ways to behead myself. clm.

p.s. ZP gets the most props EVER.

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