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1:30 pm | 27 September 2004 | THE SLUTTY BRONTOSAURUS turns 26

I won't wreck these by attempting a preface. It ain't pretty, is all.

raekool is horrified by the birthday pudding.

ashley rocks the mic like a hurricane.

i have this problem where i compulsively
sing along to everyone else's songs.

maggie does a pretty flamenco clap.

things head downhill.

pretty pretty liz, whose standout drunk line of the night
was (to derrick) "you eat your own poop!"
background: nathan and eliza stare at the carnage.

diane feels intense, while derrick does a crippled waltz.

diane is still intense, while the group gets drunker (circa 12:30am).
(look at the tabletop and then think about how that's one of the FOUR tables we took over.)

"thanks for singing 'coming to america,' danarchy!"

raekool vogues, strikes a pose.

adam is "that guy." check his shirt! PRIDE!!!

it's the time of the night for deep thoughts.

i think this is right after i allegedly sold eliza my bike for $50.

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