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1:28 pm | 23 September 2004 | it's bald but it's no standard baby

Oh shitfuck, what's that triumphant eagle rising royally over the, um, the navbar to your left? What--he--why--it's a link! a link to UD v. CLM--The Universe versus The World (Le Monde, heh--try to keep up guys). Yes, in some fucked-up Salt Lake City fashion, Universal Donor, this blog, and our little LJ sister have...uh...spawned, and while our "child" (see, we are personifying the blog the way we do pets and computers because we are lonely products of the machine age) is probably inbred and slightly encephalitic, we think you will We're registered at the Liquor Locker and at Walgreen's, if you wanna get us some gifts.

But maybe you are tired of reading tiresome, troubling words. Well, guess what! We have comics too, and those are almost totally pictures, albeit the same one repeated with very little variation for panel after panel, 'cuz that's how we roll. Now get over there, you scamp! clm.

p.s. (I tole you we gon' mufugghin arguenate) Jer sprang the announcement a little, er, unbeknownst to my ass, so don't forget to check out the other long entry I wrote like two hours ago by pressing "prev" or "back" or whatever, immediately below. I thank you.

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