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9:58 am | 07 May 2004 | i can say "BS" in six different languages. ready?

Well, you know, pointless drama is the bread-and-butter of this weird world of internet journalling. So today i am interested to note the ceaseless visiting and obsessive re-visiting of my website(s) (i can see you, you know--) by a certain bitter commenter, who should really take it easy. Nothing is going to happen. i am not "upset," because I don't care. I am striving for a simpler, less crazy-making world. And this kind of shit is so way below me. Like, lady, go freak out about something ELSE. Go find someone else to tell our boss's secrets to. Find someone else to betray the confidences of. Find someone else that you can telephone, freaking out, because you told your job that you needed a week's work of blood tests, but instead you went to Flint Michigan and did heroin all week, and when your friend OVERDOSED you didn't know what to do. This all makes me so sad. I tried to protect this person--even when verbally attacked for an hour (in a meeting in which our boss did nothing to cut her short), I didn't open up about the stuff this person told me. I listened to her cry and I tried to comfort her when she was down about work and this, this is the thanks I get. I would be about ready to quit blogging altogether if it didn't mean waaaaaay more to me than the disapprobation of one sad, offensive person.

On to other news: in reference to the abuse of Iraqi prisoners, a government official said "They were dealt with through admonishment or reprimand." One or the other. And those are such effective, stern punishments! "Hey, we either said 'stop that' or 'that's wrong'! Those soldiers got told!" Oh bullshit world. clm.

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