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1:05 pm | 11 November 2004 | You keep samin' when you oughta be changin'

Black is black, I want my baby back
I don't know what it is (this is a lie of the fattest kind) but my love affair with the Internet is spiralling rapidly into Bobby/Whitney territory, and, much like two different eras of vintage Whit, I'm sort of simultaneously craving cocaine and then also bopping around with a large, colorful hairbow. How will I know? Trust the feeling. Snort! Oww!!

There's this giant fellow at 'Spector karaoke whom I've taken to calling Lurch, partly for his voice--a cross between a canned "haunted house door closing" sound effect and Henry Winkler--and partly just because he has a big tall head and all the stage presence of a tombstone. Nevertheless, he is our Biggest Fan every time we go, and enthusiastically (though perhaps ill-intentionedly) pumps limbs to our rockin' traxx, and case in point: Last night, after Pants blew the place apart with her sexy Keebler-Elfin version of "Cabaret," he passed her a note that read: FUCK EM IF THEY CANT TAKE A JOKE. WHAT DA FUCK RUN AMUK.

Run amok
This is my new personal motto.

Pervasive rap culture
This morning, while trailing forlornly behind Guinn (who, let's face it, is the prettiest of all possible dogs, although infuriatingly picky about where she chooses to grace the lawn with her urine), I completely subconsciously and audibly exhorted her to "drop it like it's hot."

[Siren noise]
I got my car back, finally, and since it was seriously almost as much as a month's rent to have the hood and bumper painted the same Ultra-Generic Silver as the rest of the car, they are now a Non-Metallic Aftermarket Dark Dark Grey, which gives the old Taurus a semi-governmental look that I love, and I'm even now thinking of things to stencil on the hood, because a) having a car should be fun, if it's the semi-hoopty kind of American sedan I ALWAYS drive; b) you KNOW i have a can of silver spraypaint at home, just sitting in the cupboard like a Police single, so lonely! So lonely! I am thinking of painting a giant EAGLE onto the hood. Not because of rah-rah-U.S., but because eagles? Are awesome.

Many links for my lovers
Today for fun please look at Scopitones, these great and gaudy video machines from the 1960s (alerted to this fact by Dave Wahl: and I thank you). And, should you ever have wondered about my dance moves, I can tell you that they come directly from the Scopitone for "These Boots Are Made For Walking" (clickable below).I've got Nancy Sinatran legs, clm.

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