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1:31 pm | 03 July 2003 | insert sausage joke here

Hey lovers,
Here are some linkitty-links to occupy you over the long weekend (this is assuming that some of you go online during non-business hours,, who knows). They all open in separate windows, so that's nice. Does anybody even care about that, that i chunk that little extra HREF tag in there so you don't have to click "back" all the time? No? Again, my life is a waste.

Anywho. Happy weekend. Try not to blow your hands and eyes off. Go USA! clm.

1. pathos.

2. Oh, those crazy Scots: what my friends are up to overseas.

3. I read this a lot. I think I have a good possible 30% of 'em. Phobias, collect 'em all!

4. There's a photobooth at the bar. Coincidentally, i drink at the bar. And then take drunk photos. Very few of which i actually appear in. Weee!

5. whoa.

6. I think that if i drive all fast and crazily, i will be able to accompany Chmarasocks to Dance Disaster Movement and THEN still make my totally random poetry-&-house-muzakstravaganza next week (check out the unforgiveably dasai flyer UGH!). Locals, be there or be quadrangular. i'm throwin' my glove down atcha.

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