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2:45 pm | 13 January 2005 | i killed it Gilbert

During this transitional time, when i hope Johnny Depp's belief in spontaneous combustion* is validated (so that i might myself be consumed by sweet, annihilating flames, so as to avoid my commute FOREVERMORE), i direct you to please be checking the livejournal for regular-ish updates full of the vitriol, pointlessness, and grammar pointers you so love. like for instance: "orient" means "figure out which direction one is facing" whereas "orientate" means "figure out which way is north." so if you are disoriented, you don't know which direction is which--you are confused--whereas if you say you are "disorientated," then you just can't find east.

Also, if you say "disorientated," i will stab you in the face. EXTRA SYLLABLES DO NOT MAKE YOU SOUND SMARTER. love, clm.

*i can't find the quote but i remember an article in the mid-'90s where he's talking very earnestly and at length about how some people just really blow up for no reason. RAD.

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