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3:43 pm | 30 October 2003 | is king!

My darlings, I cannot--nor would I--deprive you of this recent exchange. Witness:

DrowsySamurai (in the midst of telling a story): "11:50 am. Have you seen this billboard with the eggs and the dwarf? The grammar is so tortured and unimaginative, I almost drove into a telephone pole. Voluntarily."

Me: "is it a real billboard? the eggs and dwarf, i mean. if so, what is it?"

DrowsySamurai: "I wish."

Me: "My command."

Drowsy Samurai: "can't ... breathe ... can't ... stop ... laughing Oh my God. You are some sort of design deity, indeed. Oh, you upstaged me there. Wow. But I meant to revise that. Not eggs. String cheese, instead."

Me: "Dammit, Richards, only one photoshopped joke a day!"

Drowsy Samurai: "Sorry. It's the eggs and then the "egg salad sandwich" just after that sealed the verdict. Still. You remain. Photoshop Goddess."

Me: "Oh, all right. I can't help it."

This concludes the dwarf-and-animal-product-humour portion of today's show. Tune in tomorrow for, uh, some other stuff. clm.

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