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11:35 am | 02 September 2004 | 364 words plus 8,000 words' worth of pics

Coming soon to a gutter near you

tomorrow i am working for a scant few hours, freaking mightily and flinging supplies into a box, for next week we move into a fancy new office and i have handily, accidentally, and awesomely elected to be on vacay at that time. i'll be bookending my triumphant michigan return with visits to chicago propah so anyone in those regions who wantsa see me had best drop an email, dig, word, etc.

Labor dabor

here also is the poster i made for my and joelington's show, which i think is funny:

The other other woman

today if you are feeling on a slightly more serious tip i have a demi-essay about a recurrent relationship snafu over heah.


today we measured my boss's cat, who is 32" in length.

In which Guinn & I are very sleepy (despite having a houseguest)

1. 2. 3.
4. 5.

For modern art

ALSO the first installment of the artzine series THAT WASN'T SO BAD is done—it is on MARCEL DUCHAMP—and it looks like this (below) only much nicer and on big expansive 8.5x14" legal, the prairie of standard paper sizes. it's kind of fun because you can fold it into different ways, and it always looks awesome. obviously this is just meant to look at now and is illegible, but if you want a copy you can send two stamps and your address to me at the address on my archives page (don't bother with a SASE because it's a crazy size), or if you want to help me distribute it (just leave it at coffeeshops or bars or whatever) i can either send you a high-res PDF for printing or i can mail you some copies, but the former is really preferable, especially if you are awesome. you can make 100 copies of this shit at Staples for $6, so help me out here. do it for modern art, folks. If you've recently ordered chapbooks, they'll be out soon, and you'll get TWSB#1 in there too.

We are the Duchampions

next week there will be a surprise for you! until then ta!! clm

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