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4:44 pm | 28 July 2003 | WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET STABBED ALREADY?!

brendan is pretty frigging radical for a number of reasons but foremost in my mind is that the first entry of his i ever read said this:

"my day so far: (hysterical, incoherent screaming)"

this is genius in a lot of ways. mostly it's genius because THERE IS NEVER A DAY WHEN IT DOES NOT PERFECTLY SUIT MY ENTIRE EXISTENCE especially today where as i just said to apricot wensleydale

"...i am basically trying to get information off 8 different memos, spreadsheets, postits, braille notes, and pigeon-grams and between the genius of [coworker] and the clarity & unerring hellward direction of [other coworker] and the extreme on-the-ballness of the ENTIRE FUCKING STAFF i am gonna go totally, totally postal before wednesday, just so you know, so if you see [mr. cutesy buttons] wandering around monday looking lost and sad you can tell him sorry about true love and all that bullshit but CLAUDIA SENT THE ELEVATOR UP TO NINE, STUCK HER HEAD IN THE SHAFT AND PRESSED 'DOWN' REPEATEDLY
p.s. i usually like [lady in other office] but this week she needs to BLOW ME."

oh my god i am so frantically pointlessly busy right now that i don't even have time to daydream about garrotting people with my telephone cord or garrotting myself with my telephone cord or even to type a proper entry. instead you get this runonsentence-fraught thing with reprints of other entries and emails. it's barely an entry at all, not worth the time i am taking to type it and definitely not worth the time you are wasting reading it. what's that? you want more? you want better? well foook yooou. i will garrotte you with a phonecord i swear to god. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! clm.

an AMUSING* FOOTNOTE to the above! after i pushed "post entry" or whatever, i made some tea! some green tea, to soothe my jangled nerves! and i just took a big swig of it! but i was so FREAKED OUT BY BUSYNESS that i DIDN'T EVEN PUT THE TEABAG** IN! SO I JUST DRANK WARM, GROADY WATER! AAAGH!

* stabbingly so.
**heh. "teabag." heh heh.

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