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3:04 pm | 25 August 2003 | more excuses, whytos and wherefores

If you, my dear minions (are there any of you left, then? i have been silent-ish for so long) wonder as to this aforementioned silence, my throat (or fingers) closed like a clapperless bell when before i had been talkative, so talkative, it is for this reason: self-loathing, again, a miniature tsunami of the "struggling-not-to-destroy-everything-i've-ever-made...again" variety, and all because i have again been forced to face the fact that i am retarded, which is to say "insecure, jealous, and oh, yes: retarded."

Your kindness and understanding in the matter is appreciated. I will shush myself a few days longer, and then i hope i will be able to rock the mic once more. Console yourselves, my pretty ones: for lo, at least I am not singing Temple of the Dog. I'm goin' hungrrrrrayyyyy. clm.

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