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2:31 pm | 23 November 2004 | notes on kippenberger

[largely notes for upcoming 'zine]

Kippenberger: German. First generation to stop having to apologize for WWII. Everything very iconic and exaggerated-representative all the time. He's making an indoor forest littered with giant antacids, and misspelled woodgrain paintings ("Political Corect"), gondolas carrying crates that say SOCIAL PASTA. grading his own paintings or maybe just enforcing a value scale: First place. Seventeenth place. he's getting jumped by Nazi punks and calling his show "Dialogue with Youth," he's making loose joyful paintings with insouciance and flair, in 2005 there'll be a Saatchi show called The Triumph of Painting, and Kippenberger is #1. He's got good dyspeptic colours. He's building elegant subway stops in the desert, he's making Lord Jim baronial crests on new buildings, he's painting men with underwear pulled up too high or the same elegant industrial cart, blue, red. He has the best titles: Nobody helps anybody. I heart Peace and Money, I heart Jeans and Smoking. Mother comes back from the dead with new problems. Something about ladies in satin panties have no excuse for flesh-toned bras, and I end up fruitlessly googling Kippenberger satin panties. He does that to us. He's pretending to flirt with nihilism, painting Rien ne va plus, nothing works anymore, but he is kidding. He knows that joking doesn't mean forgetting everything else. We don't have a problem with the Rolling Stones because we buy their guitars. We don't have to turn down invitations because we're not invited. We don't have problems with disco door-waiters, if they don't let us in, we don't let them out We don't have problems with people who look like us because they know our pain. We don't have problems with women because they know why. No problem.

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