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10:00 pm | 16 October 2003 | jam of the year

my darlings, at times i neglect you. this is important for your growth (i cite a certain psychological study done with puppies, which i am too tired to share now, but will, hopefully, tomorrow). in the meanwhile, know the following:

1. today was mega-traumatic & also, i may yak;
2. as a direct result of the aforementioned trauma, i went for drinks with certain sympathetic coworkers at 5pm, then returned to work at 6:45 because of the party going on here UNTIL MIDFRIGGINGNIGHT that i have to work;
3. as a direct result of item 3 i showed up a little loopy and there was nearly an embarassing incident involving back-to-back plays of Beyonc and Nelly, both of whom i love to dance to BUT NOT IN PUBLIC DEAR GOD NOT IN PUBLIC. chinchilla!;
4. certain bootycentric dance moves (not by me) were christened "Pop-o-Matic Trouble";
5. no, now am definitely gonna yak. bye! clm.

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