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1:39 pm | 15 November 2004 | linked like zelda WHAT!

you guys, i'm swamped this monday. here, i offer you links:

> why don't you read my livejournal?

> why don't you go read the final version of "Duchamp," up on the 2nd hand?

> why don't you read my co-conspirator matty's rant on language?

> and to your left is a picture of the kidney i made for my friend leah, who gave one of her own actual kidneys to her dad, like a fucking champ. go leah!

¡Ay, Dios mio! please send me an e-mail if you know anything about being a mexican drug runner. stormyclaude@hotmail.dong. i mean com. dot com. crap, send me one anyway. tell me something i don't know. double-dog-dare. first five get a postcard (so send your addresses numskulls). loveyou. dong. clm.

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