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8:34 am | 14 November 2003 | Girl, you know that it is true

Things I Have Done Instead of Packing

1. Sat on couch reading trashy novel. Oh my god it's true. But-- but-- they are junk food for the mind, flighty, predictable little nuggets of takes-no-concentration-at-all-and-yet-takes-your-mind-off-whatever-it-is-you-are-avoiding. Recommended!

2. Made tshirts, one of which (pink) reads (in black cursive) GO BACK TO BED and the second of which (pale blue) reads (in Gothic lettering) SAD GIRLS DO IT BITTER. Oh! Oh ho ho ho! Well? Laugh!

3. Made slightly festive, somewhat Thanksgivingy sandwiches of Brie and cranberry relish on baguette, then munched furtively.

4. Rearranged Lucite icicles in new box, since old box was clearly, you know, not good enough for the move. TIME-WASTAGE!

5. Laid in fetal position and stared at wall blankly in 15-minute increments, overwhelmed by sheer enormity of task ahead, etc.

6. Thought of euphemisms for going to the bathroom, favourite of which is "go read some theory," since my bathroom book du jour is the totally great Dictionary of Theories.

7. Thought long and hard about what to wear for New Year's, knowing neither a. where I will in fact be for New Year's, and b. what the as-yet-unknown occasion will warrant, garb-wise.

8. Informed dog, seriously and at length, that she is, in fact, not only the best dog ever, but is also the prettiest.

9. Put ointment on face after canine lovefest became RumbleRally '03 and i sustained claw wounds to neck, lending me that i-just-went-to-the-ComiCon-and-my-favourite-creature-from-Magic: the Gathering-is-the-Werewolf look.

10. Thought about weeping but decided against it. More Brie! clm.


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