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10:47 pm | 13 July 2003 | little brothers are the best

i love my brother. clm.

What Nightmonkey Did On His Summer Vacation

"so i went to pennsylvania and i hiked the appalachian trail. before we even started i threw up. that's a whole bunch of fuck huh. then we got to the trail, over the course of monday i vomited in 3-4 different parts of the trail at 1400 feet above sea level and up. i didn't eat the whole day. i couldn't drink cause it would come back out. once we got to a shelter on the trail i fell asleep. woke up, drank, fell asleep. next day, hiked 8 more miles, ate a little bit here and there, didn't throw up but stopped many times along the way so the guys got sick of the trail cause every fuckin step theres a huge rock so you look down the whole time.

"we decided to camp one more night and then go to new jersey where tim's girlfriend steff is staying the summer babysitting her brother's daughter. we went there, showered, ate, slept. next day saw the jersey shore. next day we went to New York City and that was really cool . i saw this girl and i was like, HOLY SHIT THAT'S CLAUDIA then i'm like wait wrong big city, so it wasn't you. then we drove home and i got home 605 saturday morning. that's my story and i'm stickin to it."

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