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1:57 pm | 08 September 2003 | when it's time to party, we will ALWAYS party hard.

Random flowers update: they were from sweet darlin SBF, of whom the obligatory photobooth photos will soon (tomorrow-ish?) be posted. IN OTHER NEWS, i got (thanks Justin) the new Twilight Singers album a whole month early. OH GOD YES. Weeee! More/more amusing stuff later, hopefully, but i'm super-exhausted (spent weekend in Michigan; drive is tiring and lengthy) so you might have to hold out until tomorrow.

If you are as cool as Brendan and you join the violently sweet Andrew W.K. mailing list, you can look forward to getting totally awesome emails from Andrew such as the following:


This is Andrew W.K. and I am so psyched and pumped up that I can barely type this email! My hands are shaking with excitement!!! So, in case you didn't know, the new album is coming out in just a few days!!! SEPTEMBER 9th!!! Let me write that again:


It's been building up and now it's about to blow!!! I REALLY hope that you like these new songs. It's the absolute best I could do, and it's the result of everything we have made together. Do you realize that? That's what this album is about. It's about YOU. All the concerts and celebrations and parties and ups and downs and mind-blowing times that we've had so far - it's all on here! It's a deep dedication to all of the believers who have found it in their hearts to love and enjoy the pleasures that this music strives to bring. YOU are who is making this, and "The Wolf" intends on thanking you! Every song is working to be even more powerful than before! These songs are about the way that we feel - the way that WE feel together! All of us! These songs are about the fun that we're having and the lives that we're living! The music is about us! And I want you to hear every note and sing every word and feel every beat like it was made by you yourself! You have earned this! When I sat down to make this music, my dream was not to make it for myself - I wanted to make it for US! But before the music existed, I didn't know who "US" was. Then "I Get Wet" came out, the music was there, we found eachother, and the celebration began - and it hasn't stopped yet! Now I know who "US" is! And I am so thankful that you're here. Really. We are building a family and a faith that will reward us with pleasures and strengths that we can only imagine! There's so much to come, as always, and these new songs will set our course. When I'm with this music and I hear it in my head, I feel like I can try and do anything. And when I know that you are there at my side and supporting me and feeling it too, then I KNOW that WE can try and do anything. That's the beauty of this: I myself alone, am not strong enough to do anything this intense or this overwhelming - but you and this music with me together are stronger than a billion explosions, and that's superhuman! I have a reason to work and to live that goes far beyond my own self! I live for us, and for this!!! It is serious stuff!!! All those things that we've ever wanted - they have been inside of us all along, and this music is the sound of that discovery. All the things that we worried about from before, and all the fears that we have about what's to come, are nothing compared to the power that comes to us right here, right now - at the very moment that we listen to what has been screaming and thundering for our passion. This is for our pleasure! I don't know what else to say, because I can hardly even think - I'm so blinded by excitement!!! Please listen to the album, and then listen to it again and a few more times after that! The moment when you FEEL the music inside your brain and no longer have to think about it - THAT is when we know what it means to be alive! Thank you very much for all that you've given me so far! This is our next step, and we're taking it together! And no matter how hard this may be to swallow, and no matter how much me might want to blow this off, we cannot, because THIS IS WHAT WE CAME TO DO! And we're ready for it! With strength and endless gratitude... Your friend, Andrew W.K.

P.S. There is a special thing we're working on which will allow me to actually call people on the telephone and thank them for buying "The Wolf". It works when you purchase the CD and enter in a code number on the computer. It's almost ready to go, so please keep in touch with your email and the website for all the details on how it works. I'm going to try and call as many people as possible - and I don't know what's going to happen, but it's going to be amazing!!!

P.P.S. Here is a review of the new album from a first time listener named Nick who lives overseas where "The Wolf" has already come out. This review was taken off of the message board at

"Instead of immediately listening to "The Wolf" when I got it, I held off until night fell. Conditions had to be perfect for the virgin experience. I walked down to a black canal behind my apartment building which reflects the orange and purple glow of the Tokyo skyscraper skyline. As I walked along the black water looking out at that sea of neon and light, the songs worked their magic on me. I spent a good portion of that forty-five minutes swallowing back a golf ball sized lump in my throat and blinking back tears. That strange electric feeling crawled up my spine and across my scalp. I had to restrain myself from hurling myself bodily into the obsidian waters out of sheer excitement. For a time I broke into a run, at other times I performed an arcane series of unrehearsed hand gestures and timed facial tics and winks. A feeling of utter invincibilty took hold, a warmth spread throughout my body emanating from somewhere in my chest. At times my feet may have left the concrete.

This is seriously awesome.

I've listened to [the first album] "I Get Wet" virtually every day for the last year and eight months, and it never wore out its welcome. "The Wolf" is its equal, without a shadow of a doubt! These songs are your friends, and I can't wait for everyone to meet them!" -Nick

Hoooooooly shit. Just...just....hoooooooly shit. I am PUMPED up, dudes. clm.

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