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3:51 pm | 07 October 2004 | crime is on my side (yes it is !)

I am exhausted and hateful today. "Hateable" and "filled with hate" both.

I'm working on a new painting and I thought I'd give a little play-by-play of Events Thus Far, in the unlikely event that you care. It's about all I got for you, kids. Mommy needs a nap, some bourbon, and some painkillers. Please mail prescription drugs to 942 E. 2nd St. #11, Long Beach, 90802.

Double-layered positive (black) and negative (silver) stencilled edge.

Whitewashed board, 5.5'x3.5'. You can faintly see the shipwreck in the upper-left corner.

Closeup of the shipwreck, which is Sharpie, wet fountain pen, and blue paint.

Second sketch of the hand that will be the stencil for the centre (two solid translucent forms overlapping)

Another stencil part.

I did the abstract stencilwork two weeks ago and the ship last night, but I have freelance (read: paying) work up the waz this month, so I don't know how long it'll be before it's done. AND THAT'S YOUR ENTRY FOR THURSDAAAAAAAY! clm.

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