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3:09 pm | 07 July 2004 | whatevers at the red garter

I got my car back (if you missed yesterday's exciting postscript, I got myself a BOOT on my car, apparently from parking tickets in LA when I was like 20 years old [not that I am any more responsible, or less of a fucking DICK, now, at age 25]). It only took me ALL DAY today to do it. I'm such a goddamned scumbag.

Mad, insaniac props to the people who made it happen/drove me around/got me waaaaasted* yesterday when I was all mopey. May I never say anything bad about my boss again, or at least until October. May the house of Raekool, Ashley (aka "The Hallway Bowler"), and Hannah, our little cosmetologist, be full of cake and Dirty Gertie always. May Dr. J.J.'s tires stay inflated despite his crazy, Asian driving (we feinted towards a pedestrian yesterday and got a big hilarious shouted "Fuck you!" from him. Har!). Aw hell no, Pants, thanks for walkin' my dog. When are we gonna be neighbors and ride bikes? God, I am so tired and despondent. Here, be distracted with images. I'll give you something splendid on the morrow. Or better yet, go order Sweet Action, the porn mag for hipster ladies. Awesome! Bootylicious, clm.

here's a Ms. Pac-Man table game (upside down) from the Red Garter.

Awesome flocked-and-foil wallpaper

The King of Beers reigned in my stomach last night. Urrrrgh.

*You have to love the HELL out of the kind of people who think along these lines: "Well, you can't drive anywhere, since you're booted, so at least you can go get totally drunk with us now!"

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