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9:55 am | 11 December 2004 | illin'

okay people,

so i've not only had the flu (which i apparently have had since thanksgiving and which consists, this year, of: two days fever; two days blinding headache; one day vomiting; repeat) but i got me some strep throat, so i was out all week. furthermore, though i have the strep mostly kicked, i still have some very 19th-century pale-and-fainting action going on (my mother's only question: "did you lose weight?," she asked hopefully). and now one of my closest pals may have THE MONO, so we'll find out today if i do, too. Holiday Fun!

that's about all i got, though. i feel like a herd of mini-burros ran over my ass. although apparently i still look good enough for members of the Long Beach indigent population to announce, with gusto (think James Brown), "HEY! Like the WAY some LADY WALKS!"

the gland on the right side of my neck is seriously like as big as a human teste, my friends. a BIG teste.


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