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1:03 pm | 14 January 2004 | f-f-f-fashion

First: Stupid BLOODY entry-eating randomly-freezing Nazi-state-run Library computer ffffuuuuck.

Next: It would appear that my furtive, creepy fashion-mag consumption has paid of in tiny, $8-an-hour spades, as you are reading the hastily re-typed words of the Buffalo Exchange Long Beach's brand-new Buyer 1. The clincher? The fact that I forgot the interview. I forgot it. And only the fact that I had semi-drunkenly programmed it into my cell phone (as "Imterviev") alerted me to the fact ten minutes prior. I coiffed in two hasty, nasty minutes, tossed on a poncho bought in Austin that looks suspiciously like this little number from the Matthew Williamson Fall 03 collection, and darted there. Once arrived, the bullshit flew as thickly as mayo on a turkey sub meant for Heavy D. And i won, my friends. EIGHT DOLLARS AN HOUR! Hopefully more tomorrow. loveyou. clm.

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