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2:40 pm | 03 November 2003 | ennui like the wolf

I feel, today, the sort of boredom I imagine Simon LeBon feels all the time. I am sitting at my desk, diet coke to the left, m&ms on my right, and i want neither of them. i have unlimited slacking capabilities, and want none of them*. i am just sitting here, bored, feeling like Simon LeBon.

2:55 pm
update: still bored. idly separating m&ms by whether tiny stamped "m" is straight or not.

3:07 pm
update: check hotmail. Am I Among the 19 Million Depressed? Duh. Bigger question: why is headline phrased this way, so as to sound like how Jews are The Chosen People but I am just one of The Mopey People? Suck.

3:27 pm
update: briefly un-bored, thanks in part to Danny, who sent this. more news as it comes to us. clm.

*This is not to say that I wouldn't rage, rage against the removal of my slacking privileges, merely that they are not captivating me today.

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