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10:09 pm | 17 November 2003 | Mad-Lib Fun!

Hey, look, I am on the road. My scurvy mates are helping me post remotely. I can't really say how it's going, because I wrote this a couple of days ago, and whiskey impairs my ability to prophesy. So, today, it's a Mad-Libs entry. Please play along at home.

Fill out the list:

1. adjective

2. animal

3. man's name

4. number between one and twenty

5. body part (any)

6. body part (visible)

7. b-list celebrity

8. noun

9. number

10. planet

11. colour

12. ingredient

13. animal

14. place

15. your favourite band

16. adjective

17. adjective

18. adjective

Today we drove through southern Illinois to ____1____ St. Louis and then down further into Missouri, which smells like the inside of a ____2____.We decided to stop in Point Las ____3____sburyville for the night.

Boy, am I glad we did. Driving for ____4____ hours sure takes its toll. My ____5____ is totally numb, and my ____6____ is starting to look like ____7____'s ____8____. I ate ____9____ ____10____s Bars, which are a local delicacy: ____11____ ____12____ covered in nougat, then smothered in rich, dark chocolate. Hooooly god, those are good.

I drove like a ____13____ out of ____14____ and we made really good time today. I listened to all my ____15____ cds and sang along. Good times. Tomorrow we'll be in ____16____ Texas, visiting the very ____17____ Phil and the always ____18____ Andy, and doing a couple of poetry shows, which are bound be ____19____. I'll check back in with you later. clm.

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